Ness Islands Arena

An open air arena in a woodland clearing on the Ness Islands in Inverness. A public space that invites peaceful contemplation in its waterside environment, and offers a space of play, family gathering and community celebration and performance. Built with material from a derelict and crushed former pavilion on the site, and a variety of stone including red sandstone, granite, mudstone and marble, sourced from quarries in the north of Scotland.



Locally felled and milled Douglas Fir timber is used in the terraced seating. Included are cast iron sets, designed and sculpted by children from the local community.

The atmosphere is one of quiet containment, surrounded by the hush of running water. A curious juxtaposition of stillness and movement, both of which have the effect of giving emphasis to the other.


Location: Ness Islands, Inverness.     Commissioned by:  Inverness City Partnership