Hareshaw Linn Bridge

When asked to design a replacement footbridge at Hareshaw Linn, it struck me that the most important and dramatic aspect of the site was the waterfall. So, I proposed to bring the bridge as close to the edge of the waterfall as possible by building three piers, one on either side of the bank, and a central pier in the watercourse of the Linn. These were spanned by an ‘S’ shaped platform that deliberately distracted the visitor from a direct crossing, and invited time and contemplation in taking the elevated traverse. The protective barriers on either side of the bridge were built from solid elm, but cut and fixed together in such a way as to imitate the softness of woven fabric, and the movement of wind and water.



Location: Hareshaw Linn, Bellingham, Northumberland.   Commissioned by: Northumberland National Park