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Environmental Artist

Keith Barrett - environmental artist

Environmental Artist

My art works are intended to be points of access through which people may gain a closer engagement with their environment. They become complete in the relationship between the work, its environment and the viewer. The environment of the work is as much a part of the artwork as the built elements. The person who explores the work and engages with it completes the whole.

These works are usually built from wood, stone, earthworks and planting. They are designed specifically for the site in which they are placed. They are sourced in their landscape, and explore the psychological, emotional and cultural relationship we have to our environment, and the implications that relationship has to an understanding of ourselves.

A fundamental element that defines my work is that I personally build it! Other people are contracted for support construction and labouring, but I have a very hand on relationship with all aspects of design, engineering and building. I believe that the time spent with the materials, and the moment by moment decision making process that occurs through close construction by the artist, is absolutely critical to the language of the work, its depth and layers of meaning, and to the intricacies of variation and change. These are the crucial ingredients that enable a work to be explored and rediscovered time and time again, in stark contrast to the one hit wonders of factory manufactured, designer art, that are increasingly to be found in our public spaces.